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100x Leverage

Maximize your potential as a trader and liquidity provider
The Avantis Edge

Scalable leverage for everyone

Maximize your potential - across crypto and RWAs

Our infrastructure provides traders access to up to 100x leverage for major cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities pairs

Trusted Collateral, Trustless settlement

All transactions are settled onchain, and powered by Circles USDC, the most trusted digital dollar in the world

CeFi frontend, DeFi backend

Account abstraction powers one click trading, social logins, and gas sponsorship

The most advanced market making vaults in DeFi

Our USDC vaults offer liquidity providers a structured way to earn real yields, while allowing them to control their risk and time exposure to traders

World class execution and security - Powered by the OP Superchain

Were building on the worlds most performant blockchains secured by Ethereum

The best pricing across CeFi and DeFi

Low latency oracles powered by Pyth offer the best possible execution prices for traders across DeFi and CeFi venues
Our Ecosystem and Investors

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looking DeFi investors
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